Helping Good Companies Become Great Brands!

What Is Your Company Know For?


At Strategic Brand Marketing, we are passionate about working with good companies who aspire to become a great brand! If you were to ask someone on the street what your business is known for, what would they say?   Have they even heard of your business and know what you do?   Where does your business show up on local market research?


The Strategic Brand System® is a proven, exclusive marketing strategy that helps uncover what makes your company unique so you can differentiate and rise above your competition.  We believe that mindshare equals marketshare and real success comes when your business is the one consumers think of first when they are in need of your products or services.  Strategic Brand Marketing works with you in developing your unique brand so your business maintains “Top of Mind” among your current and prospective customers, patients or clients.  While we also work in traditional marketing media, for over 19 years Strategic Brand Marketing has excelled at thinking outside the box!   Our trademark is creating unique campaigns that emphasis your brand in a way that will make your message memorable and attract your target customer.

Whether you are a small locally owned business searching for your brand or an established company looking to re-define who you are and what your business is known for, Strategic Brand Marketing will work with you through The Strategic Brand System®

Our Team Of Experts

Peggy Gunderson_RESIZE

Peggy has created successful brand campaigns for over 20 years. Her passion is learning what motivates business owners to start their business.

Peggy is married to Ted and together they have four grown children and 6 grandchildren (affectionally known as 'Meme's Nuggets').

Peggy Gunderson

President & Brand Strategist
Ted Gunderson

Ted often describes branding ROI as a long-term investment in positioning your business. We work with you to help you measure the success of your brand marketing campaign.

Ted is married to Peggy and together they have four grown children and six grandchildren.

Ted Gunderson

Vice President / CFO

Melissa works with our brand clients to make sure all facets of their campaigns run smoothly! She also oversees many of our internal operations and we are grateful for such an incredible team player.

Melissa is married to Jason and they have two adorable boys, Brady and Mason.

Melissa Heinz

Senior Market Manager
Chuck Westover_RESIZE

With over 18 years of experience in organizing and running social media campaigns, Chuck's strength is helping our clients simply do digital better.

Chuck is married to Theresa and they have two beautiful girls, Harper and Audrey.

Chuck Westover

Senior Digital Specialist

The Strategic Brand Marketing team is proud to be recognized with these honors: